Dialogues on Cultures of Control


Dialogues Beyond the Human

Control: Beyond the Human. Ron Broglio (Arizona State University), Frida Beckman, Colleen Glenney Boggs (Dartmouth College) and Cary Wolfe (Rice University). Photo: Claudia Egerer.

The first initiative of the network is a workshop and lecture series that brings to Stockholm University a set of high-profile international scholars who represent different perspectives and engagements with one key concern: how cultural representations, from “popular-” to “high culture,” are informed by contemporary political preoccupations. Picking up on a central aspect of control society, that is, its increasingly inescapable appropriation of cultural expression to promote its own logic, the series centers on the question of how political control is understood and mediated in cultural expression today.

More specifically, the aim is to pay particular attention, in a set of five events taking place over the period between 2016-2017, to ways in which cultural expression affects our perception and conception of five politically controversial topics: surveillance, security, modern warfare, climate change, and questions of the trans- and posthuman.

The participants are well-established scholars within these different but frequently interrelated fields.


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